One Day, an EP by The Brooklyn Players Reading Society, is coming December 15, 2020! I am sooo excited!

To be honest, I can’t tell if working on this project while also raising babies and working my job, all from inside the same apartment under lockdown, has kept me sane or made me crazier. Still exciting, though!

Stay tuned to

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My Three Moms and a Dave

This month marks 18 years living in the Northeast, 13 of them in Brooklyn. Before that I spent 18 years in KY. And now, in the same month in which I crossed this personal threshold of an equal number of years here as there…

Parenting under quarantine is quite a catch-22: the very things keeping me sane are also threatening my sanity. In some ways, this time with my family is a gift. It was hard to leave the baby every day for work, and that rush from the office to pick-up then home…

I started a new practice yesterday for managing my OCD: every time an anxious thought intrudes into my mind, I inhale, exhale, look around, and focus in on one thing I am grateful for. Then I do it again, and again, until I feel calm.

You know what? It works.

Having two children is next level in every way imaginable: the busyness, the joy, the lack of sleep, the love, the extremely fast and disorienting pace in which it all goes by. Miles sits up now. Lewis reads (he reads!). The two of them cuddle and stare deeply at one…

Pages from Bone Girl, my YA novel still in progress

I wanted so badly to be done with my novel, to send my manuscript off to agents then try to forget about it until one day, that magical email from someone just dying to represent me popped up in my inbox.

Yet I stalled on emailing any agents. I blamed…

We call ourselves progressive, but what are we actually doing to progress our society toward a more just and equal future?

Too many children across our country open their history textbooks to a page like the one pictured above. I understand that most parents want to protect their children’s innocence…

It is 6:30 pm, Father’s Day is tomorrow, and we have nothing ready for your dad. To be honest, I was relying on your daycare teachers — for Mother’s Day, they helped you make this adorable and extensive art project that I completely love — but it seems like they…

Becky Fine-Firesheets

Writer. Mama. Educator. Activist. She/her. Vox, keys, and sax in the Brooklyn Players Reading Society — Blog at

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