Becky Fine-Firesheets
2 min readNov 16, 2019

Changing the Abortion Narrative One True Story at a Time

If I hadn’t been able to end my second pregnancy with Baby Wow, my new baby Miles wouldn’t be here with us today. My mind and body wouldn’t be nearly as strong as it is today. My mother and I wouldn’t have the same connection that we have today.

Abortion is family planning. Abortion is a life-saving procedure. Abortion is often the best choice. And this choice has nothing to do with the government or a court but everything to do with the individuals going through it.

I wanted the baby I lost. But when we learned about her lethal chromosomal disorder, continuing the pregnancy — with all its physical risks and with all the trauma it would have caused to myself, my husband, and our toddler — was not the right choice.

Women’s stories have been stolen. Our truths about our bodies have been twisted into something unreal yet believed by so many people. These false narratives then go on to inform public policy and ruin lives. Meanwhile, we are told to be quiet, to hide our pregnancies, to hide our miscarriages and abortions, to even hide our periods.

No matter the reasons behind a person’s choice, it is their choice. My choice was hard, messy, emotional, traumatic, and I am grateful for it.

You can read the full essay here, accompanied by beautiful artwork by Clare Nauman. Thank you to The Rumpus for giving me the opportunity to share my truth.

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